Voice Message Broadcasting

  • Retail Sales Alerts
  • Thank you Messages
  • Direct Customers to your website
  • Relationship calls - Happy Birthday, Anniversary, etc.
  • Political Campaigns - Get out to Vote
  • Customer Loyalty campaigns to repeat customers
  • Backing up Direct Mail Campaigns (or replacing them)
  • Meeting/Conference Notifications
  • Fundraising
  • Sports Teams Advertising
  • School and Emergency Notifications

No Hardware or Software to set-up, use our web solution to contact hundreds to thousands of people in seconds. Create dialing parameters based upon your dialing list, message to be sent and the times to call out on, which can be adjusted to fit time zones across the nation. Broadcast your caller id, change and record your message in a matter of minutes.

Our system uses actual Telecom Hard Lines and Fiber, not VOIP like some of our peers. Your messages will not experience any packet loss or loss of message because of Internet fluctuations of bandwidth. Make sure you demand the best message delivery system that you can get, your message counts and should not be garbled or broken!

Experience the flexibility of our intuitive system to connect with your customers, students or constituents when you need to. Contact us today to discuss your broadcasting needs, we will develop a customized solution that will not only fit your needs but provide you with fantastic results. Call 602.778.7515 or email us at info@calibrus.com.