Hosted Call Recording

Calibrus' Call Recording service is easy to use and cost-effective and offers all the features you would expect in a superior call recording solution. We'll work with you to create flexible, efficient, cost-effective, customized call recording solutions that best suits your unique business requirements

Now, you can enjoy the latest call recording technology and immediate IT support without the upfront investment. Calibrus' Hosted Call Recording solutions are an excellent alternative for companies that do not wish to invest in expensive hardware, maintenance and support of a state-of-the-art call recording system.

Hosted Call Recording Services Feature:

  • All Inclusive Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Model by the Minute or by the Transaction/Call
  • Call Record & .Wav File Access 24/7 Via a Secured Website for Easy Retrieval
  • Customized Reporting Options
  • High Quality Recording with Redundant Systems & Disaster Recovery
  • Compatible & Flexible Process can be used with Virtually Any System
  • Optional Quality Control Monitoring & Evaluation Services

We handle all the details so you can focus on running your business. With our all-inclusive pricing model, there are no hidden charges or additional costs so you won't be surprised when you get your statement. Our Hosted Call Recording services simply make good business sense. Contact us today and learn all about the most cost effective and headache free system on the market.

Calibrus Inc. offers cost-effective Hosted Call Recording Services and Call Recording Software, Request a Demo for Call Recording Solutions.

For more information on Calibrus' hosted call recording services and call recording solutions call Toll Free 1.866.225.4278.