ClickTalk Services

Our ClickTalk service will allow you to put a button or icon on your website or weblisting that will allow customers to contact you by telephone automatically. The ClickTalk functionality has a variety of uses, you can capture leads using this technology or pop-up to a customer leaving your website or canceling your service or an order so that you can speak with them right away and attempt to save the sale. Allow customers who use your website to protect their anonymity - are they listing something for sale and don't want to post their telephone number, ClickTalk is the perfect solution.

Typical ClickTalk uses include:

  • Call Tracking
  • Lead Generation - capture leads
  • Save Sales on Cancellations
  • Online Phone Surveys
  • "Before you go" - offer help before they leave your site
  • Real Estate listings

Do you operate a dating site or personals site? Let members talk to each other without revealing their identity… just in case things don't go well, that way they are protected and can block further calls.

Route calls to the appropriate departments based on where they are on your site or have multiple buttons on your site - "ClickTalk Human Resources", "ClickTalk Sales", "ClickTalk Customer Service, " etc., etc.

How does it work?

The moment your customer presses the ClickTalk button a pop-up appears so that they can enter their phone number. Once they do, and hit submit, the Calibrus system places an outbound call to them and once they've picked up and indicated they are ready to speak, our system places a call to your pre-programmed number and connects you with the customer.

Contact us today to discuss your ClickTalk solution, we will develop a customized solution that will not only fit your needs but provide you with fantastic results. Call 602.778.7515 or email us at info@calibrus.com. Call us today for a demo and pricing!