Calibrus LabLogistics

The Problem

Laboratory contact (logistics) centers are inundated with calls every day from their customers in a concentrated time frame as the doctorsí offices are closing and requests are made for will-call sample pickups. The deluge of calls creates extremely long hold times, creating a negative customer experience. In addition to the high, end of day volume, there are lengthy periods of low call volumes, resulting in low utilization of employees and inefficiencies in their organizations. These issues provide extreme challenges from infrastructure, human resource and financial perspectives.

The Proposal

Calibrus has developed Calibrus LabLogistics, an automated, customer order entry system that provides a much shorter call, with zero wait time, at a much lower cost per call. This system would act as a front end gateway handling the simple, will-call pickup requests. All stat pickup requests would be routed to the existing laboratory staff.


As a BPO provider, we understand the constraints of time and money on all business offices. Calibrus LabLogistics slashes the Average Speed of Answer and Call Handle times, and the cost for simple, routine sample pickup requests, providing a much better customer experience. This will lead to more discretionary samples being sent to your labs, improving your overall revenues. It will also provide an additional sales tool that will help differentiate you from your competition.


Calibrus will work closely with the various parts of your organization to ensure that we develop a tool that integrates with your current system and infrastructure and delivers the reporting and analytics that you require.