Inbound Call Services for Today’s Nimble Organizations

Taking our years of experience in highly regulated industries, along with a strong background in TPV, our inbound call services are ready to meet your needs, not ours.

We use a modular approach where we build a unique inbound plan from a variety of services. Our approach to the discovery and planning process focuses on your strategy and context.


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Strategy Calibration

Research Understanding Discovery Recommendation

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Brand Calibration

Research Assimilation Execution

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Talent Calibration

Selection Training Mastery Delivery Reward Systems

List of Services

  • Tier I and II Services
  • Affirmation Permissions and Third Party Verification
    • Live Operator or Web-Enabled Applications
    • Immediate Call Record & Recording Access
    • Redundant Call Centers and IVR Servers
  • Department and System Coordination
    • For instance, Lab results to Physician Notification to Patient Notification flow
  • Customer/Physician/Patient Inquiries
  • Customer/Physician/Patient Service
  • Customer/Physician/Patient Retention
  • System Migration Bridges
  • Technical Support
  • Reservations and Registrations
  • Social Media Customer Service
  • QA Call Monitoring
  • Post Sales Assessment Surveys

Get Calibrated with Calibrus

Calibrus is ready to help your organization strengthen customer relationships and maximize customer retention

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